For those who want to be fluent in Hebrew

By Word of Mouth Alef+ and Bet +

  • Listening comprehension
  • Enrichment programs
  • For independent learners and for teaching in class
  • Level: low intermediate to intermediate

Get to know Israeli culture, history, and social life through real-life stories and use of language.

Speak like a native: correctly, using appropriate sentence structures and figures of speech.

We teach real language; the language that is used by educated people in Israel in their everyday communications in various life situations.

Interactive Application & audio version

By Word of Mouth Alef+

  • The program is a series of mini-courses (Episodes), which you can play on any device.
  • Each Episode is an interactive web application which includes text, audio, video, exercises, self-checked quiz and more.
  • Each Episode revolves around one topic and consists of 5-6 short lessons.
  • Audio version is included,  listen while commuting, walking, or exercising!

Audio Course

By Word of Mouth Bet+

  • 15 online Hebrew lessons.
  • Level: low-intermediate - intermediate.
  • Active vocabulary for each lesson.
  • MP3 and PDF versions of all the lessons online or for download.
  • Listen to the whole lesson or each part separately.
  • Learn Hebrew any time, anywhere: use computer, smartphone, tablet, MP3-player...