By Word of Mouth Alef+ (webapp+audio)

A series of interactive mini-courses (Episodes) which include text, audio, video, exercises, and more! You can play the Episodes on any device of your choice.

Each Episode revolves around one topic and consists of 5-6 short lessons and a quiz. Audio version included.

By Word of Mouth Bet+ (audio)

Audio Course for those who want to be fluent in Hebrew.

If you already have some basic knowledge of the language (low intermediate level) and would like to enrich and perfect your language comprehension and speaking skills, this course is for you!

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What is special about Hebrew by Word of Mouth?

  • Our enrichment programs are aimed both for independent students and for teaching in classes.
  • Tons of audio materials will boost your listening comprehension.
  • It's just interesting! Discuss a wide variety of rich and complex topics, above and beyond those usually covered on low intermediate level.
  • You can use any device of your choice and learn Hebrew while commuting, walking, or exercising if you want.

We would love to hear your opinion!  What did you like and what was annoying? Please tell us about your impressions, good/bad experiences, any bugs or mistakes, exercises and topics you want to see,  and any other notes.

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