Hebrew By Word of Mouth Alef+  and  Bet+   are enrichment programs with an emphasis on listening comprehension.


All the lessons are based on fascinating stories, dialogues, interviews, sociological and psychological studies, and more!

Get to know Israeli culture, history, and social life through real-life stories and use of language.

Speak like a native: correctly, using appropriate sentence structures and figures of speech.

We teach REAL language; the language that is used by educated people in Israel in their everyday communications in various life situations.

Meet the Team


Olga Dubova - a former Senior Hebrew Language teacher at Moscow University.

Varda Yishai - a Senior Hebrew teacher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, teaching Hebrew to foreign students.

Design and development:  Olga Gilman

Course Alef+   was recorded at DOMArecord Studio, Holon, Israel.

Actors: Yam Maayan, Ori Wey

Producer: Cathy Trifonov

Sound Engineer: Alexey Proshinsky 

Video: Maxim Freidin, Olga Gilman

Course Bet+   was recorded at Eshel Studios, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Actors: Yam Maayan, Noa Argov, Cathy Trifonov, Idan Rabinovitch

Producer: Cathy Trifonov

Sound Engineer: Yaron Aldema

Music and sound effects: Yuval Oz